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“To empower, develop, guide and bring people and resources together to achieve the Australian vision”


African Australian (A2) was founded and established in 2008 by responsible African Australian citizens.
We are a proud and caring community that celebrates our heritage, and our diversity while using a sensitive and energetic approach in shaping our future. We value integrity, working together, continuous improvement, and a culture of success.

We are proactive and inclusive in our corporate activities as we strive to continually enhance the well being of the community, and its organizations through our leadership and actions in support of social, economic and personal development.

Our aim and commitment is for a prosperous African Australian community, characterized by proactive co-operation and respect among its people who all enjoy the benefits of economic, social, cultural, and personal development, a unique environment and a healthy lifestyle.
We provide an umbrella of hope and help by tackling tough community issues through inclusive collaborations focused on a shared vision for a better and brighter Australia.
We will accomplish our vision through our commitment to strategic growth, and community engagement, providing a supportive and positive service in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.


Our Purpose is to provide services that help enterprises grow, communities prosper and individuals realize their full potential


Developmental Mindset and Empowering Culture must be given priority, the effective transformation of the mindset and culture to promote attitudes of self development, community development, confidence and commitment to face development challenges and exploit every opportunity for the improvement of the quality of livelihood is of prime importance. The effective ownership of the development agenda coupled with the spirit of self-reliance, at all societal levels, are major driving forces for the realization of the Vision. African Australians should learn to appreciate and honor hard work, creativity, professionalism and entrepreneurship and strive to develop a prosperous Australia

The key elements of this developmental mindset and empowering culture are the following:

I. Development oriented culture of hard work and creativity
A progressive and development oriented culture needs to be involved to link the people's way of life to the attainment of the goals of the development vision with particular regard to cultivating and nurturing a culture of entrepreneurship and self-development through creative and innovative hard work, responsibility, discipline, respect for life, education, and fostering self confidence and self esteem among individuals.

II. Developmental community spirit
A positive community spirit well balanced with individual initiative in the promotion and management of socio-economic development activities and in other national affairs, at all levels of society, should be developed by inculcating a culture of sharing of ideas and facilities within communities and between communities as one way of pooling resources for the good of all.

III. Broad human development strategy
There is need to promote a broad human development strategy which involves a wide range of bodies which embraces individuals, families, communities, agencies and corporate bodies.

IV. Incentive system to reward such attributes as excellence, creativity, innovation
Encourage and reward individuals, groups and firms to embrace initiative, creativity, innovativeness and excellence. This transformation must be reflected in the education system, training institutions, recruitment, sport, and in business culture.

V. Education as a strategic change agent
Education should be treated as a strategic agent for mindset transformation and for the creation of a well educated community, sufficiently equipped with the knowledge needed to competently and competitively solve the development challenges which face the community. In this light, the education department will focus on education programs to promote creativity and problem solving in a supportive and positive environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.

VI. Individual development and success
Some African Australian individuals have tremendous talent that is agonizingly wasted. It is absolutely vital that we identify, guide and develop our talents. Programs, activities and projects will be implemented to source established and potential talents in sports academics, arts, and various talent capabilities.


• To create an environment to give all members a sense of belonging and pride in our community.
• To involve young people in constructive community activities that encourages good citizenship.
• To build alliances with government and other groups to help reach community goals.

• To inform and involve the community in reaching the goals of the Vision.
• To guide and engage the community in improving educational opportunities.
• To accommodate growth through proactive planning that protects the quality of life in the community.
• To develop innovative and strategic initiatives for a prosperous African Australian community
• To scout, nurture, guide, develop, and manage African Australian talent, to represent the community and the nation.
• To involve all African Australian citizens in creating and providing a safe and secure community.


John Caesar – 1788 (First Fleet) - known in the colony as a hard worker and a conscientious laborer.

Daniel Gordon – 1789 – Actor

Billy Blue – 1801 – Named by Governor Macquarie as “The Commodore”. First ferryman on Sydney Harbor, after whom Blues Point is named.

Others: It is believed that 12 other Africans were on the first fleet

Haile Gebresaelase 1968 the first African head of state to visit Australia


“have a go” and “give ‘em a go”

A2 employment is a proactive, enthusiastic, and dynamic employment agency. We dedicate our services to assisting jobseekers in gaining sustainable employment, and employers hiring suitable, intelligent and hardworking candidates over and over again. We are committed to providing a high degree of customer service to both jobseekers and employers to tackle challenges and overcome the barriers of the 21st century.

A2 employment is currently successfully servicing some of Australia’s biggest firms in different industries and continuing to develop tailored recruitment solutions that is unique to A2, and we continue to develop and improve our services according to the fluctuation of the job market. We continue to provide top services to jobseekers, providing knowledge, direction, using all of our resources, achieving ongoing sustainable employment, and employment pathways solutions.

A2 offers a range of employment pathway services to jobseekers. These include:
• One-on-one case management support with a consultant to asses, motivate, and plan tailored strategies with each jobseeker to drive them into sustainable employment.
• Specialized and customized service offering employment advice, job search and application support for jobseekers.
• Match and reverse market jobseekers to suitable job vacancies.
• Create a tailored and a step by step job search plan that match the jobseekers skills and situation.
• Advice jobseekers about the job market, and skills shortages.
• Connect jobseekers with suitable agencies and training to suit their needs.
• Group sessions to inform jobseekers about their local job and national job market and train them on how to tap into these markets.
• Post vacancies on our website.
• Other personal services to assist jobseekers to overcome barriers and step a stone or take a giant leap to gaining sustainable employment

A2 employment consultants come from a diverse industry background, with the experience, confidence, knowledge and motivation providing you with a service that is second to none. The team at A2 employment has developed a system in place to sustain a high standard and ethical service with an equal opportunity policy and a none prejudice approach to all our customers.


A2 Media is a creative and innovative media company. Our services include:

Online (A2T.V):

- News
- Documentaries
- T.V series
- Drama
- Movies
- Educational programs
- Game shows
- Various programs
- T.V advertising

Magazine (A2Mag):

- Health & Lifestyle
- Entertainment News
- Social & Community news
- News & Gossip
- Advertising


A2 Advertising will provide your organization with a range of advertising options through our website, online T.V, magazine, and events. Contact us and discover your options.



A2 sport was created to serve the nation and the world with scouting, nurturing, guiding, developing, and managing African Australian talent, to represent the community and the nation and play a major part in shaping and improving world sports.

A2 sport is continuously building partnerships with leading sports organizations and clubs around the world creating endless pathways for individual sports
professionals. Our academy also educates young talent on the spirit of sport to use in their sports career or on their day to day life.

The team at A2 sports consists of professional athletes including current Olympians who have dedicated their time and gathered their experiences to ensure you get the best out of your talent and guide you to achieve your dreams.



A2 entertainment is a leading entertainment company specializing in African style to urban African Australian entertainment. We cater to all events from functions to managing entertainment venues adding a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

We have an abundance of interesting and exciting acts including percussion and dance groups, musicians, singers, bands, and circus shows. We also have specialist entertainers/educators on the ancestry way of life, from lighting fires without substance to making the finest coffee right in front of your eyes.

Our shows will give your patrons maximum entertainment and will have them jumping with excitement, leaving them with an unforgettable experience.

A2 entertainment is also active in producing T.V series, short and feature films as well as music and stage productions. We are currently working with various Artist to produce music albums and videos. We have started work on a world class feature film, and are exploring the possibilities of educational videos and documentaries.


“Our vision is to achieve your vision”

A2 Talent specializes in scouting, nurturing, developing and managing African Australian talent in sports, academics, arts, and various talent capabilities to represent the community and the nation.

We vigorously and innovatively market our talents to a vast array of industry leading organizations, providing it with a diverse and well developed talent force to achieve your vision well above your expectation.

Our talents come from a diverse background and experience, they posses natural talent and have been developed by our internal and external academies to prepare and turn them into professionals in their industry.








Education & training advise, programs & pathways.

Updated advise on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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